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News & Topics Last Update June 30, 2016
     Briefing session of Yamauchi Labo (for students):
     July  5,    15:20-  as needed.
     July  6,     PS hour
     July  7,    16:00-18:00 as needed.
     July  8,    17:20- 18:00 as needed.
     Venue: room no:5314

Recent papers:
  • Takaya Ogiso, Koichiro Yamauchi, Norio Ishii, Yuri Suzuki . "Co-learning system for humans and machines using a weightedmajority-based method" Accepted to IJHIS (IOS Press).
  • Takaya Ogiso, Koichiro Yamauchi, Norio Ishii, Yuri Suzuki . "A Co-learning system for human and machines", in Proceedings of the 2015 Seventh International Conference of Soft Computing and Pattern Recognition (SoCPaR2015), IEEE, pp. 363--368, November, (2015).

  • Hidekazu Kato, Koichiro Yamauchi "Quick MPPT microconverter using a limited general regression neural network with adaptive forgetting." ICSEEA2015 Bandung Indonesia (2015).
  • Akihisa Kato, Hirohito Kawahara, Koichiro Yamauchi . "Incremental
    learning on a budget and a quick calculation method using a tree-search
    algorithm ", in IJCNN2015: The International Joint Conference on Neural
    Networks, pp. 3719--3725, July, (2015).

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